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Once again, the Demon Deacon faithful stepped up and met a challenge, and because of it, there are students out there who will be receiving the good news that they’ll have their chance to be Wake Foresters too.

We at the Wake Forest Fund like to joke around a bit, but there’s nothing funny about how much we appreciate all you do for Wake Forest. From all of us, thank you so much.


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School of Business

201/200 Donors

School of Law

224/200 Donors

School of Divinity

108/100 Donors

  • College

    Gifts to the Wake Forest Fund for the College support the University’s mission to create opportunity, educate the whole person and inspire excellence. That means these gifts enable talented undergraduates to explore creative ideas, discover their passions and engage in mentored research. As we seek to educate leaders who will impact the world for the better, we are able to recruit and develop world-class faculty who will teach and guide our students. Above all, the Wake Forest Fund is a commitment to promoting the spirit of Pro Humanitate in our community.

  • School of Business

    The Wake Forest School of Business is committed to developing passionate, ethical business leaders driven to achieve results with integrity. The undergraduate and graduate experiences combine thought-leadership, rigorous academic preparation and unrivaled connection. Gifts to the Wake Forest Fund for the School of Business are used to supplement that mission by funding student development and services, faculty development, vital curricular internship development and technology initiatives. These funds will be spent at the discretion of the Dean of the School of Business to develop consistent and targeted programs to move the school forward.

  • School of Law

    As we seek to develop the complete legal professionals our complex world requires, we use the unrestricted funds to support our long-range plans which have included: increasing scholarship opportunities, creating new legal clinics, enhancing experiential learning through externships and developing new joint degree programs. Every Wake Forest law school student has benefited from – and will continue to thrive because of – the philanthropy of those who support the Wake Forest Fund for the School of Law.

  • School of Divinity

    As we prepare our divinity students for a life of service, your gifts to the Wake Forest Fund for the School of Divinity play an integral role in shaping tomorrow’s leaders. Nearly all who enroll at the School of Divinity receive some form of financial aid. It is this unrestricted giving that provides scholarships to our students and graciously allows them to focus on their academic pursuits rather than their financial obligations. Your contribution to this fund yields a significant return – individuals following the high calling to serve others.

  • Graduate School

    The Graduate School prepares the next generation of academic leaders who will continue to expand the frontiers of knowledge and improve the wellbeing of society. The Wake Forest Fund for the Graduate School is used at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to advance the work of our students. As we link the liberal arts with the sciences and health sciences, we are able to offer degree programs that are innovative and interdisciplinary – accomplishing our goal of educating the whole person.

  • School of Medicine

    The School of Medicine boasts a proud tradition of excellence and dedication to others. One opportunity to uphold that tradition is through the Wake Forest Fund for the School of Medicine. This unrestricted giving offers scholarships and financial support to current medical students. Alumni participation in annual giving is also a major factor in receiving support from corporate and foundation sources. By joining efforts, these gifts make a lasting difference for our future medical professionals.

  • Student Aid

    One of the primary goals of Wake Will is to create opportunity for students to attend Wake Forest and to have access to pursuing their passions while they are enrolled. The Wake Forest Fund for Student Aid makes it possible to welcome the best students – regardless of their financial resources. This includes first-generation students, middle-income students and alumni students. The Wake Forest Fund for Student Aid opens a door and encourages young people to realize their potential.

  • Z Smith Reynolds Library

    The Z. Smith Reynolds Library has become a hub of learning and engagement on our campus. Because of unrestricted support, we are able to strengthen our collections, services and resources. The library must also accommodate the technological needs of today’s researchers. The Wake Forest Fund for the Z. Smith Reynolds Library allows flexibility in selecting materials to enhance the educational and research experiences of our students and faculty.

  • Deacon Club

    Wake Forest University Athletics is committed to surrounding talented young men and women of character with the opportunities, support and resources necessary to become true champions both in competition and in life. The Deacon Club provides support to the annual fund that creates scholarship aid and facilities to enhance the experience for our student-athletes and fans. When we work together, we all win. Go Deacs!

Give to something that could change everything.

This is how the fund that’s all over the place brings Wake Forest together. Not only does a gift to the Wake Forest Fund set in motion a chain of events that keeps the best and brightest on campus and increases the value of your degree, it’s also a direct investment in those with the potential to change our world for the better.

At any amount, your gift makes a real difference.

Student financial aid, faculty development, emerging programs for students, library and technology resources and facilities renovation – these opportunities, and many more, are possible because of unrestricted gifts to the Wake Forest Fund.

The Wake Forest Fund is the annual fund of Wake Forest University. It fills the void between where tuition dollars end and endowment funds begin. This support directly impacts the student experience on our campus. It reinforces our mission to create opportunity, educate the whole person and inspire excellence so our students can lead lives that matter.

For more information regarding the Wake Forest Fund, please contact Blake Absher (’84), executive director of the Wake Forest Fund, at 336.758.5824 or abshertb@nullwfu.edu. To learn more about becoming a member of a Wake Forest Giving Society, please visit the Giving Societies page.

Contact: Blake Absher | abshertb@nullwfu.edu | 336.758.5824