The Opportunity of a Lifetime


Introducing the Byrum Challenge

While Porter B. Byrum (JD ’42) enjoyed a great deal of success as an attorney and businessman, he found his true passion in creating opportunity for others. It was a concept introduced to him at a young age when, as one of five sons growing up in the midst of the Great Depression, opportunity was scarce. However, as a minister’s son, Mr. Byrum was able to attend Wake Forest tuition-free. It was a gift he cherished deeply and he built his legacy by paying that generosity forward.

Today, we celebrate the life of Porter Byrum by honoring his dedication to opening the doors of opportunity. His final act of generosity will serve as a chance for all who support Wake Forest to maximize their scholarship donations to empower deserving students from all walks of life.

For those interested in answering Mr. Byrum’s call, whether through the establishment of a new scholarship or a contribution to existing endowed funds, we look forward to exploring the many options available to you together. To take the next step toward helping students achieve their dream of attending Wake Forest, please contact us at

“Porter Byrum will forever be remembered at Wake Forest University as a loyal friend, grateful for the gift of education and committed to granting young people the opportunity that he was given so many years ago. His legacy lives in the lives of the next generation of leaders.”
-President Nathan O. Hatch

“Education gave me an opportunity in life. It is my privilege to be able to give that same opportunity to others.”
-Porter Byrum (JD ’42)

To learn more about Porter Byrum’s life and his legacy of opportunity, please visit his remembrance site, or read Wake Forest’s press release about his concluding act of generosity.