Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Wake Forest need a capital campaign?

The capital campaign will strengthen the University’s position among Top 25 institutions by building the endowment, lessening our dependence on tuition revenue, creating greater financial aid resources and giving us more financial flexibility.

Wake Forest is competing against institutions with resources that dwarf our capacity. Unfortunately, capital does make a difference in the students we can admit, the student experience, faculty recruitment and retention and our national ranking.

Presently, we do not have the resources to simultaneously invest in preserving the best of Wake Forest and improve areas that do not match the overall level of excellence in the University.

In a real sense, we are better than our level of capital should allow us to be. Other institutions want to become like us, but if we don’t continue to invest in Wake Forest, we will not be able to remain who we are. Now is the time to celebrate and grow the culture of philanthropy that makes the Wake Forest experience possible.

What is the campaign goal?

The campaign enables Wake Forest to prepare students to lead lives that matter. That is the ultimate goal. Wake will realize this vision through several initiatives to be funded during the campaign: Wake will create opportunity, educate the whole person and inspire excellence.

Wake Forest University and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will significantly increase our impact on the region, the nation and the world by investing $1 billion over the next five years to strengthen and renew our ability to carry out our respective missions.

The University will invest $600 million dollars in students, faculty and enhancements to campus life.

Wake Forest Baptist will invest $400 million in patient care, research and education through a complementary campaign to be shared with supporters in the near future.

How does a campaign gift differ from a gift someone might make during a normal year?

A campaign gift differs in one important way: a campaign gift makes a public statement that you are taking a leadership role in realizing President Hatch’s vision for Wake Forest by preparing students to lead lives that matter. A gift to the campaign ensures Wake will continue to create opportunity, educate the whole person and inspire excellence.

Does this campaign support Wake Forest Athletics?

Yes, Wake Will emphasizes developing champions – talented young men and women of character who are capable of success in both competition and in life.

Wake Forest is committed to winning conference and national championships with players and coaches who contribute to our community. To these highly recruited competitors, the most visible sign of a school’s commitment to success is its facilities. The University’s recent purchase of the Coliseum is an outward sign of our investment in putting winning teams on the court, but we will need financial help if our teams are to reach their full potential.

Wake will invest in athletic scholarships, a strength-and-conditioning facility, renewed sports facilities and rebranding the Coliseum.

How does the capital campaign support faculty?

Wake will invest more than $127 million in endowed faculty chairs, professorships and resources necessary to attract and retain top talent. One example of investing in our faculty is the program of Presidential Endowed Chairs that matches gifts of $1 million to create ten $2 million endowed faculty positions.

How does the capital campaign support students who are not receiving scholarships?

This campaign is really all about our students. By attracting and retaining world-class faculty, by enhancing campus facilities, by investing in new undergraduate research opportunities, by building a comprehensive wellbeing program and by investing in the Office of Personal and Career Development, Wake Forest students will feel an immediate impact from the capital campaign.

Why should I support Wake Forest?

There are as many reasons to invest in Wake Forest as there are Wake Forest alumni who love their alma mater. Invest in Wake Forest because you believe in its mission of preparing students to lead lives that matter. Invest in Wake Forest because you believe in its call to Pro Humanitate. Invest in Wake Forest because of what it invested in you or because of what it invested in your child. Invest in Wake Forest because it creates opportunity, because of its holistic approach to education, because it inspires excellence.

You have an opportunity to be more than a consumer of the Wake Forest experience. You can help shape its future and change the course of a young person’s life. Invest in Wake Forest to propel it to national leadership as an institution of higher education dedicated to forming the character of tomorrow’s leaders.

How long will the campaign last?

We anticipate Wake Will, the largest mobilization of support for our mission in the institution’s 179-year history, will last five years.