Z. Smith Reynolds Library Program Fund


Our academic and intellectual lives need a home in which they can flourish, and the Z. Smith Reynolds Library is that home. What makes our library truly distinct is its mission-driven commitment to furthering the success of Wake Forest students, faculty and staff.

The library has long been a central hub of Wake Forest’s campus and a compelling example of how a fundamental resource can redefine traditional roles through a commitment to innovation. Wake Forest students do not visit the library because they must; they come because of the experience that lies behind its doors — it is the “place to be” on campus. There are plenty of reasons for this devotion, but all stem from a passionate commitment from the library faculty and staff toward offering a dynamic and progressive model of academic leadership for the entire Wake Forest community.

People beyond campus are taking notice. In 2011, the Association of College Research Libraries named the Z. Smith Reynolds Library the winner of its prestigious Excellence in Academic Libraries Award, the top award for collegiate libraries nationwide.

In any given week, a student may come to the library for an after-hours game of Humans v. Zombies, drop by Starbucks to join a study group, and then meet with a librarian for a personal research session. At the end of the academic year, Z. Smith Reynolds Library helps students celebrate their highest academic achievements by sponsoring a “Senior Showcase” for the best honors theses in each division of the College.

Faculty members partner with librarians in both teaching and research. Librarians often “embed” in a class to be fully engaged in the teaching and learning that takes place. Librarians give faculty expert advice on copyright issues and provide guidance on publishing sources and data management. Library faculty are involved in every aspect of teaching, learning and research on campus.

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