Z. Smith Reynolds Library Capital Fund


Z. Smith Reynolds Library is a physical and virtual destination for all within our extended community and is, without question, the busiest building on campus. The library offers spaces for individual and group study, for classroom instruction and for technology exploration. It offers space to examine primary resource materials in Rare Books and Archives. It is a place that reshapes itself constantly to meet the demands of its users. And it is a virtual place, delivering content from the cloud to faculty and students who may not even realize they are using library resources.

While our library continues to play a key role in our efforts to maintain a unique residential experience for our students, the most heavily used academic building on campus is showing its age. Averaging more than 3,000 visitors each day takes a physical toll on the furniture and facilities built in the 1950s.

The technological needs of today’s students demand that the library make the necessary upgrades to best support their pursuit of academic success in the 21st century. Upgrading study rooms and classrooms and designing efficient and collaborative spaces are just a few of the ways the library will address these needs through this campaign. Honoring both ancient and modern formats, we need to construct a state-of-the-art reading room to showcase our outstanding collection of rare books and manuscripts, while at the same time we need to anticipate the technological future and build new spaces for creative digital innovation. 

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