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our vision for the premier undergraduate experience {Case Statement}

Wake Forest College will be widely recognized as the premier, face-to-face college experience that prepares our graduates to lead lives of purpose and connection in the 21st century.

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  • Alumni Personal and Career Development $2.0M Once our students graduate, we will continue to support them in their transition from college to career.
  • Brockway Recruiting Center $1.0M The Center is designed to enhance employer-student connections and build on the high-quality education and preparation our students receive in the classroom.
  • Career Wellbeing Research Initiative $2.0M As we implement programs through the OPCD and our wellbeing initiative, we also must ensure that our efforts are yielding productive results for our students.
  • Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship $2.0M We will promote and provide additional resources for our very popular Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
  • Community Engagement $5.0M The Office of Service & Social Action facilitates opportunities for students to connect with the community, serve others and explore social justice issues in order to develop students as they become engaged, reflective and knowledgeable change agents in the global community.
  • International Service $5.0M Through a carefully constructed international service experience involving partner development, academic preparation, personal reflection and cooperative learning, students come to understand the needs and capacities of people served, as well as their own ability to influence change.
  • Internship and Leadership Program Fund $2.0M This fund will open doors for our students to pursue internships with employers in order to gain valuable experience.
  • Office of Personal and Career Development Leadership Positions $14.0M The success of our OPCD is growing, and we need additional leaders to guide our students through the college-to-career process.
  • Office of Personal and Career Development Programming $10.0M Increasing the types of programming offered through the OPCD will position our students well for their path after graduation.
  • Peer Leadership Development $5.0M Peer Leadership Development requires support for high-quality selection programs, structured and informal leadership development opportunities and internship support for students ready to take significant responsibility with the help of a trusted mentor.
  • Residential Faculty Fellowships $2.0M We will create residential faculty fellowships intentionally designed to increase purposeful student-faculty engagement through out-of-classroom campus activities.
  • Wellbeing Center Facilities $30.0M As we focus on wellbeing within our community, we must provide facilities that support programming and activities.
  • Wellbeing Institute $10.0M Wellbeing will be a key initiative among our community as we seek to teach students how to develop healthy lifelong habits in all areas of life.


Power in BalanceGuy and Clara Carswell Scholar Brandon Turner (‘12) has learned the purposeful power that comes when a dedication to one’s work and a heart of compassion unite. Read more » Hope For a Better TomorrowAs a first-year Wake Forest student, Amy Liang spent one night a month at Samaritan Ministries’ shelter in downtown Winston-Salem — a surprising extra-curricular choice for a new college student. Read more » Infectious MentoringWhen Josie Hug (‘14) stepped into the group gathered around Ray Kuhn, the William L. Poteat Professor of Biology, a hug is exactly what she got, along with cries of “You’re family now!” As the newest graduate student in Kuhn’s immunobiology lab, Hug has joined a close-knit group that spans generations – something she might not have known comes part and parcel with her work with Kuhn. Read more » A Part of ItIt’s hard to say where community really starts and stops. When I was looking for the right college as a junior and senior in high school, I didn’t really understand that. I had been in communities before, but they were pretty small and seemed, at the time at least, fairly well-defined. Read more » The Safety NetA group of former Wake Forest soccer players, led by David Kawesi-Mukooza (’00), now provides current Demon Deacons with the tools they need to adjust to life after soccer, which doesn’t have as many lucrative professional opportunities as many other team sports in the United States. The peer network is run with the help of the University’s Office of Personal and Career Development. Read more » The GiftKnown to many as the voice, the face, the steward – the very conscience – of Wake Forest University, Provost Emeritus Dr. Edwin Wilson speaks as an authority on the history of our school while simultaneously inspiring generations of fresh-faced Wake Foresters. In Wilson’s classroom, students were never merely observers. He invited them into his world, and asked to be invited into theirs. It was a genuine invitation. After all, that was his experience as a Wake Forest student. Read more » Campaign Launch RecapThis was a Homecoming Weekend to remember. In addition to all of the traditional Homecoming festivities, we celebrated the President’s Ball, the Arnold Palmer statue dedication, a Demon Deacon win over Maryland and - most importantly for the future of our University – the launch of Wake Will: The Campaign for Wake Forest. Read more » First In the ForestThis Fall, Joseph Belangia was chopping wood in rural Wake County to provide firewood to families in need. Days before, he raced around Hearn Plaza to raise money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund during Hit the Bricks. Soon after, he worked to achieve his goal of expanding a service project at a local retirement community to 200 volunteers. Read more » Stronger TogetherAll-American Goalkeeper Aubrey Bledsoe partners with Professor Peter Brubaker to battle Osteoporosis. Read more » Shortened Name, Extended Learning Part ISara Commander ('14) always had an idea, and now she has IDEA. Always a self-starter, she now knows the ways of START. And it’s all thanks to URECA. Read more »