1834 Student Campaign

What is the 1834 Student Campaign?

The 1834 Student Campaign works to educate and raise awareness among undergraduate students of the university’s need for philanthropic support. In addition, the campaign provides students leadership opportunities as they celebrate the University’s past while helping to ensure the future in a meaningful way.

Why should I give?
  • Tuition covers only about 75% of the total cost for each student to attend Wake Forest. The University turns to the Wake Forest Fund to offset the difference in order to provide the best possible experience for students.
  • Every gift matters – no matter how small or large.
  • Seniors: U.S. News & World Report bases part of its ranking of universities on alumni-giving rates. Therefore, every gift from your class increases our national ranking, increasing the value of your education and raising the University’s national profile.
  • By giving, you show that you value what the University has contributed to your life and that you are willing to invest in its continued success.
What is the Wake Forest Fund?

The Wake Forest Fund acts as a reserve of unrestricted dollars for the University to use for a variety of operating expenses. The main priorities of the Wake Forest Fund are student aid, faculty development, emerging programs for students and library and technology resources.

While the Wake Forest Fund has a number of gift designations, giving to the general fund allows the University to support the most critical priorities at that time. While all gifts are appreciated, donations to the Wake Forest Fund are the most immediately valuable to the University.

How does my gift help?

Gifts to the Campaign go to The Wake Forest Fund, which provides unrestricted annual support to the University, allowing your gift to be used where the need is greatest. Your support will sustain excellence in teaching, scholarship, and academic programs at Wake Forest, and it will preserve the quality of a student experience without equal in higher education.

On serving on the 1834 Committee

“Being a part of the 1834 Student Campaign allows me to reflect on what it means to be a member of the Wake Forest community. Wake has given so much to me, I can only hope that I can give back through my time and dedication to making Mother So Dear the best it can be! I’m honored to be a co-chair for the class of 2014, and even more honored to call myself a Demon Deacon!”

–Katie Tassinari, 2013-2014 Senior Class Co-Chair of the 1834 Student Campaign

Who are this year’s 1834 Campaign Executive Committee?


  • Katie Ambrose
  • Quinn Burch
  • Courtney Ergen
  • Corey Washburn

Events Co-chairs:

  • Leslie Rainey
  • Emily Winokur

Fundraising/Education Co-chairs:

  • K.J. Bruno
  • Molly Finegan
  • Alyssa Norton

Marketing Co-chairs:

  • Stephan Goddard
  • Melissa Lombard


  • Annabel Love

Social Media:

  • Catherine Currin

Wake Will Liaison:

  • Lydia Pappas
Upcoming Senior Class Campaign Events
  • WFU Birthday Week (Feb)
  • "I Love You, WFU" - 100 days until graduation event (Feb)
  • Senior and Junior Bar Night (March)
  • Senior Bell Tower and Tunnel Tours (April)
For more information

Contact Ford Kirkmeyer (’14) at 336.758.6088 or kirkgc11@wfu.edu

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